Custom Guided Meditation Designed just for YOU!

If you are looking for specific personalized benefits, a custom guided meditation may be for you. Brainwave Alchemy now offers a unique service that combines your input, one of our 5 pure binaural beats, the voice and expertise of intuitive healer, Lisa Lemley. Then you sit back, relax and let the meditation do the work for you.

This is for you if any of the following apply:


You want to…

*  Reprogram your mind for a specific purpose

*  Create a new reality for yourself

*  Structure your daily practice

*  Send messages to your subconscious mind

*  Increase your level of peace in a specific area

*  Deepen your spiritual practice

*  Stimulate your imagination in a specific area




All you need to do:


1. Make your payment

2. Look for an email to Select your preferences

3. Schedule your interview

4. Complete an interview (where Lisa can connect to your needs)

5. Sit back, relax, listen and meditate

Get Your Custom Meditation