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Let others enjoy your inner peace and positive vibrations

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Ever want to send positive vibrations to yourself as well as those around you?

Then our Jedi Mind Trick recording is for you. This all-new and amazing recording can help you manifest a new reality and send out positive energy to your friends and family.


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With this 30-minute recording, you can:

  • Manifest a new reality
  • Send positive vibrations to yourself and others
  • Take control of your future and destiny
  • Overcome anger and calm your mind

Sound good to you? Training your mind to send out positive vibrations and control your destiny is easy:

  1. Simply download Jedi Mind Trick
  2. Plug in your headphones to your PC, mp3 player or CD player
  3. Hit play
  4. Your will automatically be trained to manifest new realities, send out positive emotions and calm your mind

Because this is a 100% all-natural recording, it’s completely safe. This recording has been scientifically proven to alter your brainwaves, so you can calm your mind.

Frequency Range Used In Jedi Mind Trick
• 3hz Delta range to induce a state of deep calm
• 5hz Theta range to heighten awareness of the environment
• 7hz Theta range to reduce stress and switch mind states
• 10hz Low Beta range to increase focus and concentration on internal states

Have you always wanted to share your positive energy with others?

Try Jedi Mind Trick today and learn to send out positive vibrations.

Just imagine what life would be like if you could achieve complete serenity and focus. Find out by experiencing an altered state of consciousness today, or your money back!


Try this powerful, super-easy way to meditate, with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee.




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