Soul Consciousness Meditation


Open to the greater sense of who you are.

listen to a sample:


You are a divine being having a human experience.

This meditation helps you keep your stage high, centered with an expanded view. Experiencing the greater sense of who you are, helps you access your creativity so you can make better decisions, solve problems and have the life you want.

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With this 14 minute recording, you can:

• Use it for daily practice
• Experience deeper peace
• Expanded consciousness
• Feel more grounded
• Tap into creativity and source energy
• Transcend the daily drama
• Increase self love
• Open to a new perspective
• Reduce stress
• Recharge your being with peace, love, joy and happiness
• Make better decisions
• Solve problems easily
• Have the life you want

All too often, we identify ourselves with what is happening in our lives rather than seeing the truth. It can bring us down and further create unhappiness in our lives.

When we maintain the truth of who we are, we allow a greater union within the self. Many of life’s troubles are a result of believing in the duality. Listening to the Soul Consciousness Meditation brings you into the experience of divine union and of your higher self so you experience the duality while maintaining the inner sense of oneness.

Binaural beats are used in the background to take you more deeply into your meditation.

Frequency Range Used In Soul Consciousness Meditation
• 0.9hz to 2.0hz Delta range for ultra deep meditation
• 3.9hz to 7hz Delta and Theta range for meditation and experience of oneness
• 40hz Gamma range for meditation “wake up” and integration

Have you always wanted a way to reach your center quickly and easily?

Try Soul Consciousness meditation today and consciously radiate your true light regardless of circumstances around you.


“The Soul Consciousness Meditation has been my go-to meditation for going on 2 years now. I have other guided meditations and use those once in a while, but none of them resonate quite the way Lisa’s does. The flow is great for getting into a very deep slow brain wave state. Even when something is really bothering me, I’m able to get into that deep meditative state. I always feel better after, more calm and centered, regardless of how I felt before. I thank Lisa and the wonderful divine energy in the universe that was channeled through her to create this amazing guided meditation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Paul – Southern California”


Try this powerful, super-easy way to meditate, with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee.



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